Magical Tassels

Tassels are one of those versatile pieces that can make any decor more playful. You see them everywhere these days - from scarves to throws, from cushions to poufs, from art to linen. One of the easiest add-ons to any space, they make the room more cheerful and add a global chicness to it. 

I have gathered my top picks on how to incorporate this fun element in various rooms at home. So sit back with your cup of tea and read on :).

For the living room: There are plenty of options to use tassels in your living room. A cushion or two, maybe a throw or simply a cute basket to hold both of these. I also love the tassel curtains but if you don't want to invest in new ones, you could just add a tasseled tie back to your current curtains! Voila!

For the bedroom: A cute pom pom duvet cover or the pom pom wall hanging are the perfect addition for some playfulness in the bedroom without changing much around.

1. Fringe duvet cover    2. Dreamcatcher

For the dining room: Make a statement on any dining table simply by adding an element of tassel to the linen. 

1. Table runner    2. Table napkin    3. Napkin ring

Easy, isn't it? Add tassel anywhere and set the mood for happiness :)

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