Welcome spring into your home

Spring is the time when everything is new and refreshed. When all the colors are at their brightest. When the beautiful flowers and happy sunshine is all around. So why not give a fresh look to your home too? Here are some things I do for a quick spring makeover at home:

1.  Update the living room wardrobe

While fur, velvet and silk are must-have fabrics all year round, spring calls for some breezy and fun colored cottons and linens. From cushions to throws, update everything. Bring in bold patterns, play with pastels. Cushions and throws are the easiest way to start if you want to transform the look of the room. 

1. Pastel cushions    2. Blue cushions  3. Colorblock cushion    4. Floral cushion 

2. Embrace sheers and florals

The best way to bring in some natural light is to replace the heavy fabric curtains to lighter linen or cotton curtains. I like to add a touch of floral to welcome the spring. My mom uses this old school technique to transform the home from winter to spring decor. 

1. Floral curtain    2. Bold colored curatin

2. Refresh your bedding

Spring is the time when the big duvets can be replaced with lighter blankets. If you want to use duvets, switch to some fun prints. Opt for different duvet covers which are easy to update according to season.

1.Floral quilt    2. Pastel Duvet  3. Patterned bedding    4. Colored bedding

Stock up some of the lighter version of quilts for the warmth of a duvet but the feel of a blanket.

3. Use foliage

Get your outdoors in and enjoy some green therapy. Add plants at various heights for a visual effect. There are many plant options available for low light too, in case you don't get ample sunshine :).

4. Add new scents

Change your candles to fresh breezy scents. The containers can add a bright pop of color and the scent will leave the room refreshed. Choose from floral to citrus fragrances for this time of the year. I love stocking up some seasonal scents too during the sale season.

Would love to hear how you welcome the spring!

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