Style tips: How to style a coffee table

Two of the most defining pieces of furniture in a living room are the sofa and the coffee table. And styling them chic certainly sets the tone for the rest of the room. While you cannot change the sofa often, the same coffee table can be styled in various ways.

So whether your coffee table is a thrift find or from an expensive store, styling it right is certainly worth your time. 

I love to constantly update the look of my coffee table. Whether its a change of season, change of month, or sometimes just a change of date :)), a fresh new look for the table is always welcome :).

I like to bring various elements on the table together. Depending on the size  of the table, you can play around with different looks. However, including some of these items will bring in a cohesive and seasoned look to the table.

Tray: An absolute foundation for a chic coffee table. A versatile piece, a tray will not only hold the little knick knacks but also the not so pretty TV remote. Choose from metallic to saturated, high gloss to wooden, the options are endless. Try out different shapes and sizes before deciding on one. 

1. Stacked Lacquer Trays   2. Printed Tray   3. Green Mirror Tray   4. Orange Hexagon Tray   5. Alligator Trays   6. Inlay Trays

Books: A perfect conversation starter. Nothing better than displaying books you love to go back to time and again. Opt for hardcover books which are heavy on pictures, no one would like to read small prints. You can stack a couple of books which cover various subjects. 

Something fresh: A freshly cut fern or a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers can instantly add a touch of joy. I tend to stay with one color palette but you can certainly play around with colors on the table.

1. My home   2. Blue Flowers  

Add Height: Add something vertical like hurricane vases or a nice candle stand. The light and sparkle makes everything festive :).

An interesting element: Add a small accent to complete the look.

Make sure not to overcrowd the tray. It needs to look effortlessly styled, and not crowded and cluttered.

I hope these tips inspire you to create your own stylish table. Tell me your tips, I would love to hear from you.

Happy decorating :)!

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