The Mason Jar

There is a charm to the boutique stores here in San Francisco. I love to shop at places which have a beautiful story behind them; where you can directly speak to the mind behind the design. One such store is "The Mason Jar" on Union Street, San Francisco.

The Mason Jar was opened by fabulous husband-wife duo, Pete and Hope, in 2013. When Hope started getting inquires about the display pieces Pete had designed for her clothing  store, Marmalade, they started thinking of opening a home goods store. And thus, The Mason Jar came into being :). So glad it did!! Today, I am bringing you a tour of their gorgeous store. 

Pete is extremely talented and creative. Most of the furniture and accent pieces in the store are designed and handcrafted by him, like the one's below. WOW!!

Hope is the brain child behind all textiles in the store. She sources them from all over the world. Rich textures, pretty patterns and lovely combinations is what you will find in her store.

The cushion below are from the artisans in India and Turkey.

Bedspread from India

Gorgeous textured durries from Boliva.

The Mason Jar has a well curated collection of home decor pieces. From artisanal jewelry to luxury candles, each item in the store is hand picked by Hope.

Be sure to check this store next time you are in sunny San Francisco!!

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