Are you ready for Diwali?

Wow! Can you believe its November already! The season of festivities has started which means we need to get ready for our Diwali preparations.

Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights. One of the biggest festivals in India, it signifies the victory of good over evil. The preparations start typically five days before the actual day of the festival.

I am getting my groove on for Diwali and wanted to share some quick tips to get your home ready for the celebrations :).


A must for the pooja ceremony, flowers are an essential part of the festivities. Especially the marigolds! There is a hidden charm in them. They are the first choice for any auspicious religious activity in India. I like to use them for pooja and around the home along with other flowers. The fragrance of fresh flowers instantly transforms the ambiance. 

Here is a picture from the Diwali party at our place last year. Marigolds and rose petals in an urli with floating candles :).

Don't have an urli? No problem! Any metallic bowl can be turned into an urli. I recently got this pretty one from Target.

You can do any floral arrangement to compliment your home. I love floral torans, they are super cheerful.  Torans are basically garlands that are hung above the entrance door as celebratory decorations. Here are some of my favorites wreaths and torans.

1.     2.    3.   4.

Here is another twist to the toran. You can opt for a beautiful tassel garland or a cute pom pom one like these. They can be recycled  and used again for the holidays.

1.    2.


Diwali is a festival of lights which means there should be lights all around the home :). I like to mix floor lights (like tea lights and candles) along with cute string lights. This is also the time when I take out my ceramic diyas (Indian tea light holder). This year I got a teacup and saucer diyas :).


The fragrance sets the mood for festivities. I like to use incense to give a special Indian touch to the ambience. With so many options available, it can get a little hard to choose. I love these from World Market.


Rangoli is typically geometric designs and patterns created on the floor. Its made with colored rice, colored sand, dry flour and natural dry dyes like haldi (turmeric) and sindoor (red vermillion). Besides the various geometric designs, you can also create little Laxmi feet . I love this simple one below.


So how are you decorating this Diwali? 

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