Shopping in Puerto Rico

For our vacation in December, we went to the beautiful and colorful island of Puerto Rico. Apart from the amazing warm weather and the gorgeous beaches, one of the best things about visiting Puerto Rico is the beautiful neighborhood of Old San Juan. The beautiful blue cobblestones and colorful Spanish architecture makes for a very charming neighborhood. And oh the local artisanal shops! You know me by now... I can never resist shopping for local stuff :). 

The streets are packed with artisan shops and great restaurants. But the two shops that topped my charts and a must-see are:

1. Mi Pequeno San Juan

This beautiful shop has hands down the best Puerto Rico craft doors.

Right in the heart of old San Juan, a beautiful couple, Lady Lee Andrews and Nicolas Thomassin have been running this gorgeous shop for over 15 years. They make replicas of historical colonial building and the colorful houses San Juan is famous for! Lady Lee is also a well known poet in San Juan and has published numerous poetry books. 

She even gifted us one of her books, True Love :). 

Each door sculpture is made from scratch in the studio. Sketched, molded then painted and signed by the artist right here in their studio.

We got one for ourselves too :).

2.  Magia Arteacto 

Artist and owner, Manolo Diaz, has been collecting vintage and authentic Puerto Rican pieces and gives them a new quirky look with his imagination. His art is a beautiful compilation of his thoughts. Each piece is beautifully unique!

Be sure to check these places if you go to the colorful Puerto Rico :).

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