The Art Of Decor

When it comes to decor, I love to play with colors and textures. I feel mixing elements can help you create your own individual style. The possibilities are endless. Mix old with new, pattern with texture, bright metals with earthy pieces and see the magic! There are no set rules in the world of decor. However, following some basic guidelines can help you create your perfect look especially if you are mixing different styles.

1. Visualize the room 

Before you begin, visualize the room you want to create. Think of all the things that will make you happy. Create a happy home instead of a perfect one. Your idea of a room will keep on evolving and that's okay. Enjoy the process of creating something uniquely your own.

2. Choose a neutral base

Colors have the power to set the mood of the room, to make a room look happy and joyful. But too many colors in a single place can be overwhelming too. So, to enjoy the different colors, choose a neutral background and then add a vibrant splash of color from your chosen palette. 

Studio Jonathan Adler, San Francisco

Altering cushions can also change the mood of the room.

Neutral doesn't have to be boring. Play with bold colors and then add pattern. You can also add an accent chair for a nice pop of color like this Fuchsia or the Emerald Green chair.

Or add textured chairs like the black and white armchair or printed kantha chair shown above.

3. Add texture and print

Every room needs a little pattern and texture to truly make it come alive. Once you have a chosen palette of colors, play with different textures and prints and create layers to get an evolved yet effortlessly chic look.

The easiest way to add layers to a room is to play with cushions in varying sizes and patterns. They can uplift any room instantly. 

Or add some extra seating with this kilim bench.

Another way to introduce texture in a room is with a rug! From traditional to contemporary, flat weave to woven , the choices are endless.

4. Modern meets traditional

Opposites attract! Modern pieces combined with traditional can add a lot of character to the room. You can also go heavy with one decor style and add one piece of the other style to achieve the look. Combine metallic with saturated hues. You'll be amazed how well they compliment each other.

5. Personalize it

Don't be afraid to experiment. Its your home, have things that speak to you, remind you of happy moments, the home is nothing but a reflection of you.

Tell me how you like to decorate, would love to hear :).

Have a colorful day!

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