These tiny beauties :)

I came across Noelle's miniature garden at a fair in Oakland and wanted to share how beautiful small things can be. It reminded me of my childhood days when I used to play with little cups and saucers, and my tiny little kitchen set :).

Photo Jul 12, 1 21 37 PM.jpg

Succulents are a perfect choice of plant for a miniature garden. A low maintenance plant, they need water just once a week and for a forgetful gardener like me, they are exactly what I can manage! 

Photo Jul 12, 1 16 08 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 12, 1 16 27 PM.jpg

It's so amazing to see how Noelle has grown these little beauties in absolutely any cute looking "pot". The size of the container can be as small as a quarter, but that doesn't limit her creativity.

I couldn't stop adoring these baby succulents.

Aren't these cute! Tell me what you think :).

You can check more of her work on her FB page here.