A day in Chinatown - Part 2

If you are in SF, shopping in Chinatown is a must.

The beautiful neighborhood will welcome you with bright red festive lanterns and colorful clusters of shops. As one of the top tourist attractions, Chinatown is always packed with travelers and shoppers. You can experience both good food and great shopping here. 

You can get great deals on both SF and Chinese souvenirs. From Asian art to antiques, precious stones to fun souvenirs, you can walk away feeling like you've got the best deal! The key to getting the best deal is to negotiate. Yes, negotiate on everything. 

Shopping can be more fun especially when you get a great deal. So here are some of my tips on how to find a good deal.

  • Don't be shy when it comes to negotiating. Shopkeepers are aware that it is a tourist-y place and they will bargain. 
  • Never speed shop:  Don't buy the first thing you like in the first shop. This is because the inventory is similar in most of the shops, so chances are that if you like something, you will get it at other shops as well, maybe even at a better price. It is very frustrating to realize that you paid double for an item which is available on the other side of the market for half what you paid.

  • Set a Budget: Its important to set a budget beforehand to avoid overspending. Easy to get carried away in a place like this, especially when you see the lower price tags.
  •  Do not be the first to quote a price: Always ask for the best price they can offer, once the shopkeeper quotes a price, offer half of it as yours. If he says no, be ready to walk away. Chances are he will not let you go and hence give you the item either at your price or slightly above what you quoted. 
  • Carry cash and smaller bills: The shop owners here prefer cash transactions. It is also easier to bargain when you say that you have limited cash. Try not to show the larger bills. You can't get a $30 worth artifact for $15 if you show a $100 bill.
  • Ask for additional discounts: Even if the item is not on sale, go ahead and still ask for a discount. You will be surprised at what they may offer.

I hope these tips and tricks help you in getting the deal of the day. Tell me about your shopping tips too :).

Happy shopping :)

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