A City Of Murals

Every time I am in the mission neighborhood and walk by Clarion Alley, I am mesmerized by the wonderful works of art it plays host to. Clarion is a small street located between Mission and Valencia. The street hosts some of the most stunning and thought provoking murals in San Francisco.

Photo Mar 04, 4 16 50 PM.jpg

The first time I stumbled upon this alley, I ended up spending more than an hour admiring the various murals, and trying to understand the thought behind each of them. 

These multi-themed murals depict several of the current social and political themes of our society. 

A must visit whenever you are in the city. There are actually several such murals in the city and you can either take one of the mural tours, or DIY.

A couple of thoughts on how you could incorporate murals in your home:

  • If you like a mural, take a picture and frame it. If photographed well, a good mural pic is nothing short of an art piece.
  • If you have a backyard wall screaming paint, try getting a mural artist to paint it. Not only will it add character to your home, who knows you may end up with a masterpiece right in your backyard for your luxurious view! 

If you know of more places with beautiful murals, don't forget to tell me about them :).