In the land of Fairies

Today was a gorgeous, sunny day. So I thought I'll go for a little walk around the neighborhood. As some of you may know, San Francisco is divided into beautiful little neighborhoods. I stay in Pac Heights, which is very close to Union Street - a stretch full of chic boutiques (think: shopping :)), amazing food, spas and salons. 

As a person with curio eyes, I love boutique shops. There is something charming about these shops. They're often run by the owners themselves, and the personal touch shows through. This afternoon I ended up discovering this beautiful shop on Union St. called "The Enchanted Crystal". I would describe it as a place where fairies would shop :). Every piece available there has a touch of fantasy. They have an amazing collection of crystals, jewelry, masks, tiaras, and tiny knick knacks you can pick up for your home!  

                             "The Enchanted Crystal"

What impressed me most was how the owner, Dennis, has created a world of his own in there. Once you enter the shop, it's like you're in a different world altogether - a world of fantasy and fairies!

As I browsed through the shop, I was reminded of all the fairy tales I'd read as a little girl. 

The shop has been around for over 40 years now. Dennis has decorated the shop personally over all these years. 

I am so glad I found this place today. I'm sure I'll be visiting this one a lot. A must visit shop if you're around, I would say ;).