Home Tour: Ditu Di

We all have some special homes we associate our childhood with. One such gorgeous home is of a long time family friend, who is also a fellow blogger and an awesome person, Nivedita Sharma of d2sdesign. I call her Ditu di, and have known her since I was a year old (well, that was a long longgg time ago). My family and Ditu di were neighbors back then and have been in touch ever since.

Ditu di was always so patient with me - listening on to my endless kiddish chatter. We would play while she would make me eat all the vegetables that I would otherwise never eat at home! I still remember how her gorgeous home always had a wonderful smell of freshly baked cake...

Today, with all those happy memories in my heart, let me take you to her beautiful and breathtaking home in New Delhi.

Every corner in her home has a story. 

In her words,

"This is a special spot. The idol is of Ardhanarishvara. Half Shiva and half Parvati symbolizing the masculine and feminine energies. It's one of my very favorite pieces which I picked up from Delhi national museum. This is made by an award winning craftsman with a single wax mould. Meaning that there would be just one piece like this made by that particular craftsman."

"The buddha head is an original sculpture made by the famous sculptor - Ram Sutar. He made the sculpture of Gandhi at the Parliament House in Delhi too."

"This is a place where I have some of my favorite things in the home. 

The black idols are of black sandalwood from Tirupati and are of Vishnu and Lakshmi. It's a gift from my parents. 

The central picture is a very old Tanjore painting of Krishna and Balram with the calf. Surprisingly both are of the same skin color and intriguingly identical.

To its left is another small Tanjore of Lakshmi which I picked up from Surajkund mela along with the wooden panel depicting Shiva, Ganesha and Parvati. These pieces were picked up when we had just got married and had started to decorate my home just like you :).

The cushions are from Good Earth. I had to pay an arm and a leg for these but it's worth it and I would do it every year during their sale :)." 

Isn't her home just gorgeous with so many stories of beautiful treasures accumulated over the years, and stunning combinations of old and new!

Check out her Facebook page for more inspiration :).