Come... Lets take a tour!!

As we welcome the season of cherry blossom in San Francisco,  I thought what better day than today to give you a sneak peak into my den!

We moved to our current place a few months ago. It's still a work in progress but I couldn't resist sharing how everything is coming together, piece by piece. I'll give you a peek into how the living room looks today... the rest is for another post :).

I live in a single family home with the living, dining and the kitchen on the ground level and the bedrooms on the upper level. I get a perfect view of the hustle bustle on the street on one side and a beautiful backyard on the other side. Plenty of natural light :).

Come... let's go in :)

So this is our living area... As you can see, we love colors :).

The dark hardwood floor and the white walls gave us the perfect canvas to start with.

We decided to go with an ivory couch so that it highlights the rest of colorful stuff - the cushions, the rug, the side tables...

I totally love the Madhubani painting we bought from our travel to India last year. It is such an interesting style of painting, mainly practiced in the state of Bihar. They use only natural dyes and colors, and there is absolutely no empty space left. The one I have depicts the flirtatious dance ('Raas Leela') between Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. 

Photo Feb 16, 12 47 42 PM.jpg

The coffee table is a low wooden carved table which sits pretty on the woven Kilim rug thereby giving a very earthy look to the room.

This Tiffiany blue colored shelf on the wall (that's what I like to call it :)) is a flea market find that I totally adore! It serves as the perfect backdrop for tiny little knick knacks that I collect.

I love how cushions can bring so much color and uplift the mood of the room. I keep on experimenting with different shapes and fabric textures. 

Photo Feb 17, 11 10 55 AM.jpg

We chose to go with different colored frames with similar textures for our gallery wall. They go well together yet each frame stands out.

Photo Feb 18, 2 31 43 PM (1).jpg

Oh by the way, did you notice the quilted frame above? Isn't that just so pretty!

I like to mix ethnic and modern, prints and colors, textures and patterns!!

The vibrant orange accent chair with a footstool is such a comfortable chair (my fav)! It sits diagonally opposite the couch. I opted for a black and white curtain combination which balances the orange nicely and gives a complete look to the room with such an airy feel/feeling.

Photo Feb 18, 12 25 57 PM.jpg

This is the nook for my Mandir. I painted the shelf orange to go with the colorful palette of the home. I decided to give it a more retro look than traditional!

Photo Feb 17, 1 33 43 PM.jpg

I believe the living area sets the tone for the entire house. The ambience we create in the living room is a projection of our own selves to people we are hosting. Accordingly, I want it to be warm and welcoming. I also want it to tell our story and give people a peek into our lives... I want our pictures and accessories to be conversation starters... Finally, I want my living area and my home to be and feel like a happy place.

Photo Feb 16, 12 42 10 PM.jpg

I would love some feedback on how I could make this space look better... tell me what's working and what's not... C'mon people, tell me more.