Hey there!

Hi, I am Kunjan! Thank you for stopping by my newly formed blog. All my life, I have been super passionate about home decor, and lifestyle accessories. In general, I am a huge believer in surrounding myself with people and things that radiate happiness. My love for decor and lifestyle accessories is an extension of that philosophy. And ooh... btw, I just lurrrrrvvvve colors! You're going to see a lot of colors on this blog :). So that's what this blog is going to be about - home decor, lifestyle, lots of colors and how all these can come together to create a happy home.

I was born and raised in Delhi, India, and till recently was a recruiter by profession. A year ago, I got married to my wonderful husband, Nakul, and moved to be with him in San Francisco. Moving to a new city and a new country can be intimidating and exciting at the same time. But SF is almost the perfect city to start a new life at - it's beautiful and sunny, has great culture and the people are super nice. And of course, SF will always hold a special place in my heart because this is where I set up my first home! There's something special about setting up your first home together. And Nakul and I are cherishing every bit of the experience. My home reflects who I am... my love for colors can be seen in ever corner. Home is where I put all things that make me happy and glorious... And my first home is what got me inspired to start this blog. 

On this blog, I want to share my journey of setting up our first home :), and my ideas on all things bright and beautiful. But hey... I'd love to hear from you too. So please don't be shy and do tell me what you think of my ideas. Share your perspectives and your ideas too... This is where we will get to know each other and chat. So pick up a coffee mug, get comfortable on your couch, and let's talk color :).