Home Tour: Dreamy meets bold

I am so glad we live in the age of Instagram. You meet super talented people from all around the globe on this app! One such encounter happened when I came across a vibrant and bold living room on my insta-feed. I couldn't stop staring and zooming in to see every inch of the room. So much so, it inspired me to paint a giant wall in my own living room (coming up next on the blog)!

Today I am taking you all the way to Cardiff, Wales for a home tour and rendezvouz with the amazing woman behind that insta room. Meet Pati Robins :).


Pati shares this gorgeous eclectic home with her husband (a veteran and on a wheelchair), daughter and 2 dogs. Get your cup of tea, and let's go get a peek inside her colorful and happy world.


Pati's mantra in creating this artful home is to display pieces that are personal to each member of the family; and mixing high street + second hand finds along with hand-me-downs and giving them a new lease of life. In her words " I am a gumtree and ebay addict - trying to find nice and equally cheap pieces to fill our home, as well as hand-me-downs that we have to this day. As a full time carer, I have limited time and funds to purchase everything new. I also believe that mixing the old with the new is the key to a truly individual and unique space. Every time I scored a bargain, I either up-cycled it to fit the current scheme or strip it and made it something else." 

She continues "I think the hardest part in making our house a home was trying to blend in and hide all the disabled equipment my husband needs to use on a daily basis, while also making sure the wheelchair will pass through the space with ease"

It took a few years, but hey - a home is created over time when you fill it with pieces that you love and have accumulated over the years!

Pati shares, " Walls got painted in dark grey which is a perfect backdrop for wooden cabinets and black worktops. One of the worktops is our breakfast bar area that also serves us as a extra "after school" working space for our daughter, so I can keep an eye on her while making dinner for the family. The bar table was a simple worktop attached to the wall using wooden brackets screwed into the wall, with chrome leg for support. Since the bar area also serves as a workspace I've added adjustable wall lights." You see its all about versatility in her household. I love how Pati has used every corner for functionality without compromising style.

Whats your favorite room in the house?

Pati: The living room is our favorite room as we spend most of our time in there. When we moved in, it was painted in magnolia making it rather depressing looking; the white also looked quite dingy in places due to lack of light. So instead of trying to make this room to appear lighter we embraced the dark side and painted all walls and trims in beautiful shade of graphite grey. Its an excellent backdrop for all our wall prints and plants. The living room is quite small so having dark walls helps the space to blur our the corners making the room appear larger than it is. 

What inspired you to go for a dark paint?

Pati: Abigail Ahern. It all started with her Debenhams edition hare lamp. I remember falling in love with it but since I didn't know anything about the designer behind the lamp, I decided to look her up on the internet, and I was both shocked and in awe at the same time. I bit the bullet and went from medium grey into dark overnight. While hanging our favorite vinyl records with yellow and pink design on the walls, the pink and yellow just "popped" at us so much that I went a little yellow paint crazy all over the house. Yellow makes us smile and brightens up whole space :).

We love the artwork and frames hanging on your walls, how do you choose your pieces?

Pati: I think all of us should surround ourselves with objects we cherish, or those that put a smile on our faces, to make our homes personal. Over the years we managed to acquire few of our favorite pieces - some random art cut out of a magazine or pieces found in a charity shop.


When we arrive home rather than being unhappy by the sad appearance of our space, we are welcomed by the pops of yellows that brighten up our day.

Isn't her place just gorgeous!! I could stay here for a while (or forever :)). Thank you Pati for sharing your story and opening your home to all of us.

Don't forget to follow Pati on her instagram journey where she regularly shares her new DIY's :).

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The Indian Weave

Once in a while you read a story which inspires you to follow your dreams. One such story is of Puneet and Jean of The Indian Weave, an online store which showcases curated items that are carefully handpicked by the owners themselves. Puneet shares, "Having worked with the best luxury hotels for more than 3 decades, it was natural for me to follow my love for the good things in life and something that would provide me the freedom and flexibility to pursue 3 important passions of mine – a reason to travel, an opportunity to learn about our rich culture and finally, a chance to discover and promote the fascinating Indian heritage and its crafts."

In their words: "Born out of the love of travel, an eye for art and a need to explore, The Indian Weave is a label founded in collaboration with India’s finest artisans. With a passion for textures and great craftsmanship, our vision is to bring lesser known Indian crafts to the forefront by curating a collection of well crafted, beautifully designed lifestyle and home accessories that stand out and capture the heart, color and life of our country. Each item in our shop is thoughtfully hand picked, ethically and responsibly sourced from the artisans themselves and made with love in India."

The store showcases an exquisite selection of hand made items from all over India – from colorful woven woolen stoles with mirror work from Kutch, Gujarat to Khadi cotton stoles and scarves to Jaipuri block printed quilts, bed linen and cushion covers to name a few.

One of their main collections is that of vintage hand crafted brass items:

Its hard to choose one favorite amongst such intricate beauties, but one of Jean's favorite (and mine too) is this vintage kum kum box

Jean shares, "Each piece is personally chosen by me and my husband, Puneet. We travel across India from time to time visiting artisans and finding authentic sources for our products that you see in our store. All products are handmade, crafted and are sourced most often from the artisans themselves who are making them as per age old traditions and practices.

India has so much to offer besides warmth and hospitality and we look forward to our travels, hand picking exotic items from all over India for you to hold, enjoy and share with your friends and loved ones."

With free shipping within India, "The Indian Weave” now ships globally from Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Visit their online store to find these gorgeous beauties and you are sure to be impressed with their collection. Follow them on instagram and facebook where you can see their latest finds and collections.

They are soon going to share their next season's picks and I can't wait to see it (think spring batiks and vintage collectibles!). Follow along to see and support this amazing new venture.

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Image Credit : The Indian Weave

10 stylish sofa's under $1000

One of the biggest expenses while designing a living room is the sofa. It sets the tone for the room and everything else is designed around it. While comfort and design can make for an expensive combo, you don't need to spend a fortune to get these two together. Here is a list of the top 10 sofa's under $1000, that we love! If you're in the market for a sofa right now, you don't want to miss checking out these cuties :).

1. . Peggy Mid Century - $769

With slender wooden legs, this classic retro sofa is a perfect combination of mid century modern. Available in multiple sizes and color options.

2. Sabina Velvet Sofa - $998

This gorgeous Navy sofa is absolutely royal. With its curved seating and tufted back, this stunning couch will add a romantic charm to your decor.

3. Teal Velvet - $550

This beautiful teal velvet sofa is comfortable and classic at the same time. The hand tufted buttons on the back and arms provide character to the overall look.

4. Modern Yellow - $850

This happy and playful yellow adds color without overpowering a room. Available in other color options too.

5-8. Tufted Sofa's

These beautiful gorgeously tufted sofa add a touch of elegance to the room. From traditional to modern, these styles are sure to add oomph to any room. 1. 2. 3. 4.

9. Ceni Lagoon - $999 

This cool sofa with a wooden trim is one of my favorites. Its a stunning blend of wood trim with fabric that enhances the color of the sofa. Available in variety of color options too!

10. Benson Sofa - $649

This modern minimalist style sofa is unique. Whether your style is contemporary or neo-classical, this sofa can adapt to any design style.  

Share with me your favorite finds :).

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**Please note:  Prices may change at any time.  All sofa in this gallery were priced under $1,000 at the time of publishing**

7 Best Sources for Affordable Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in designing any space. A well lit room is warm, cozy and inviting. Whereas bad or not enough lighting can make a room look dull and gloomy. Apart from Ikea which always stocks some really cool and super affordable electrical's (starting at $10!!), there are some really cool stores you can turn to for affordable and stylish electrical needs.

I've compiled a list of stores which will solve all your lighting worries :). Lets check them out!

1. Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co.

I love the classic, no-fuss style of Schoolhouse Electric. A bit retro and a tad bit industrial makes it a perfect choice for various decor styles.

1.    2.    3.  

On my wishlist is their Ion C Series (above) available for $119.

2. Urban Outfitters

This fun and hip clothing brand is definitely adding tons of good stuff to their 'Apartment' section. Apart from quirky decor, they have a great collection of light fixtures from whimsical to modern. All at a very affordable price range.

1.    2.   3.

My heart is set on their Cher Pendent (above) for $179. Perfect to pump up any corner of the home.

3. Cost Plus World Market

One of my favorite stores for absolutely anything related to decor, World Market stocks some gorgeous statement lighting for the home.

I love the Lotus pendant for entry statement light. And the globe light would be a perfect addition to either a fun library or kids room :).

1.    2.    3.    4.

4. Dot & Bo

This online store always stocks beautiful eclectic pieces, both in furniture and lighting.

1.    2.    3.

My favorite from them is this bohemian and happy bead pendant in turquoise shown above.

5. The Urban Electric Co

Although its a bit of a splurge, The Urban Electric Co sells a stunning collection of light fixtures. If you don't intend to change the fixture every few years, this might be a good long term style investment. 

1.    2.    3.    4. 

6. Overstock

An absolute must check source before you zero down on any lighting. Overstock is a great place to get amazing deals for similar looking high end store (RH/ PB) items.

1.    2.    3.

My current favorite is this gold and white metal pendant available for $180.

7.  Land of Nod

Although Land of Nod is primarily known for children's furniture and accessories, I love hunting through their online store for funky cool baskets and eye catching lamps.

1.    2.    3.    4.

Have any favorite store that's not on the list, share with us in the comment section below!!

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Colorful vintage

I love mixing various styles to create something my heart loves :).

Lately, I've been drawn to a lot of vintage pieces and wanted to share some stunning ones I came across :). Needless to say, color draws me. So here are some fun colorful vintage items going on my wish list :).

I LOVE this room via. A perfect blend of fun and coziness with a lot of color :). 

1.    2.    3.    4.

1.    2.

What to do you think? Have some ideas? Share with us :)

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Are you ready for Diwali?

Wow! Can you believe its November already! The season of festivities has started which means we need to get ready for our Diwali preparations.

Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights. One of the biggest festivals in India, it signifies the victory of good over evil. The preparations start typically five days before the actual day of the festival.

I am getting my groove on for Diwali and wanted to share some quick tips to get your home ready for the celebrations :).


A must for the pooja ceremony, flowers are an essential part of the festivities. Especially the marigolds! There is a hidden charm in them. They are the first choice for any auspicious religious activity in India. I like to use them for pooja and around the home along with other flowers. The fragrance of fresh flowers instantly transforms the ambiance. 

Here is a picture from the Diwali party at our place last year. Marigolds and rose petals in an urli with floating candles :).

Don't have an urli? No problem! Any metallic bowl can be turned into an urli. I recently got this pretty one from Target.

You can do any floral arrangement to compliment your home. I love floral torans, they are super cheerful.  Torans are basically garlands that are hung above the entrance door as celebratory decorations. Here are some of my favorites wreaths and torans.

1.     2.    3.   4.

Here is another twist to the toran. You can opt for a beautiful tassel garland or a cute pom pom one like these. They can be recycled  and used again for the holidays.

1.    2.


Diwali is a festival of lights which means there should be lights all around the home :). I like to mix floor lights (like tea lights and candles) along with cute string lights. This is also the time when I take out my ceramic diyas (Indian tea light holder). This year I got a teacup and saucer diyas :).


The fragrance sets the mood for festivities. I like to use incense to give a special Indian touch to the ambience. With so many options available, it can get a little hard to choose. I love these from World Market.


Rangoli is typically geometric designs and patterns created on the floor. Its made with colored rice, colored sand, dry flour and natural dry dyes like haldi (turmeric) and sindoor (red vermillion). Besides the various geometric designs, you can also create little Laxmi feet . I love this simple one below.


So how are you decorating this Diwali? 

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Let your walls talk!

Walls are the mirror of a home. What goes on the walls depicts the personalities of the people living in that home.

I like to update my walls every now and then, sometimes simply by swapping the artwork from one room to another. You can do so much with a wall. Play around with prints, frames, mirrors or simply add a wallpaper to spruce things up.

I've compiled my current top picks in each of these categories to share with you all :).


By now, you know how obsessed I am with indigo and gold. The picture below stole my heart!

1.    2.    3.   4.

Wallpapers shouldn't be boring, they need to brighten up the space. I love the Fornasetti paper as the kitchen backsplash and would totally consider this for an entrance wall to make a bold statement.


Art can be extremely expensive and can easily take you off your budget. Worry not, there are multiple solutions. For instance, you could totally frame your favorite print from a magazine or frame that cute little wrapping paper. Etsy is my go to place if I am looking to buy that one-of-a-kind piece.  From time to time, I also check the home decor stores (like world market/ pier1 imports) for some wonderful one time (inexpensive) art pieces.

1.    2.


Mirrors are a great way to add a visual illusion to the room. They can be put together to create art too!

                                                                                                                     1.   2.   3.

What do you think? Would love to know how you like to decorate a blank wall!!

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Re:Make by Brit + Co.

Welcome to the third year of Re:Make!!! An annual festival and summit by Brit + Co. celebrating the creativity in all of us! 

I totally loved the coloring wall and this life size color book.

The DJ played some amazing numbers that pumped up the creativity in the air!

And some amazing artists showcased really cool stuff!

They even had some really cool DIY stations!! 

And my friend tried her hand on making a stamped tote!

What a fun afternoon! So excited for the next year's Re: Make already!! Till then, lets show our #creativity :).

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Renegade Craft Fair - San Francisco!

Hello Hello!! Last month I had the opportunity to finally visit the Renegade Fair held at Fort Mason center here in San Francisco. Its been on my list for forever! So, today I am soooo excited to share the pictures from the fair. I got to meet and interact with so many new and amazing artists and makers who came together from all over the country.

It's amazing how skillful and talented these makers are. Some of the stories completely changed my outlook on small businesses. The challenges, the fun and everything in between that they face to show their talent to the world...

My first stop was the Salt and Pipper, from Modesto, California. A beautiful collaboration between husband and wife, Josh and Pips. Josh is the hands behind the gorgeous pottery and Pips is the brush behind the stunning mixed media art.

Next up was the stunning shibori by designer and owner Jenny Fong of Modern Shibori. Jenny is a wonderfully talented designer who works from her outdoor studio in Berkeley, California. She creates amazing tie and dye effects with 100% natural dyes. She also hosts classes from time to time teaching the art of Shibori. I've signed up for my first, you should too :). Check out her class schedule on here.

My next stop was Klai, from Los Angles. Beautiful handcrafted ceramics with fun handpainted sketch on them. Designed, curated and hand painted by the beautiful Klai Brown. 


Jess from Jess Carter Ceramics is another fabulously talented handmade ceramic artist based in Petaluma, California. Do check her etsy store for more inspiration. I loved the combinations of earthen color with saturated colors, creating a perfect hue. Perfect for tea addicts like me :). 

As I continued exploring the gorgeous isle full of handmade pieces, my eye caught this beautiful and happy looking tea and saucer set and I just couldn't stop adoring its prettiness. 


Simple, modern and pretty dinnerware and homeware collection by Rossella, owner and designer at RossLabDesign. Every piece is so pretty yet functional that you would want to buy all at once :). Originally from Italy, Rosella is now based in San Jose where she creates magic with her clay. Check out her Etsy store for the latest collection or visit her website here.

And here's some more inspiration from the other booths :).

Would love to know your favorites! Check out the Renegade schedule for their upcoming exhibitions in your city!

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Magical Tassels

Tassels are one of those versatile pieces that can make any decor more playful. You see them everywhere these days - from scarves to throws, from cushions to poufs, from art to linen. One of the easiest add-ons to any space, they make the room more cheerful and add a global chicness to it. 

I have gathered my top picks on how to incorporate this fun element in various rooms at home. So sit back with your cup of tea and read on :).

For the living room: There are plenty of options to use tassels in your living room. A cushion or two, maybe a throw or simply a cute basket to hold both of these. I also love the tassel curtains but if you don't want to invest in new ones, you could just add a tasseled tie back to your current curtains! Voila!

For the bedroom: A cute pom pom duvet cover or the pom pom wall hanging are the perfect addition for some playfulness in the bedroom without changing much around.

1. Fringe duvet cover    2. Dreamcatcher

For the dining room: Make a statement on any dining table simply by adding an element of tassel to the linen. 

1. Table runner    2. Table napkin    3. Napkin ring

Easy, isn't it? Add tassel anywhere and set the mood for happiness :)

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