Hello Hello!! Last month I had the opportunity to finally visit the Renegade Fair held at Fort Mason center here in San Francisco. Its been on my list for forever! So, today I am soooo excited to share the pictures from the fair. I got to meet and interact with so many new and amazing artists and makers who came together from all over the country.

It's amazing how skillful and talented these makers are. Some of the stories completely changed my outlook on small businesses. The challenges, the fun and everything in between that they face to show their talent to the world...

My first stop was the Salt and Pipper, from Modesto, California. A beautiful collaboration between husband and wife, Josh and Pips. Josh is the hands behind the gorgeous pottery and Pips is the brush behind the stunning mixed media art.

Next up was the stunning shibori by designer and owner Jenny Fong of Modern Shibori. Jenny is a wonderfully talented designer who works from her outdoor studio in Berkeley, California. She creates amazing tie and dye effects with 100% natural dyes. She also hosts classes from time to time teaching the art of Shibori. I've signed up for my first, you should too :). Check out her class schedule on here.

My next stop was Klai, from Los Angles. Beautiful handcrafted ceramics with fun handpainted sketch on them. Designed, curated and hand painted by the beautiful Klai Brown. 


Jess from Jess Carter Ceramics is another fabulously talented handmade ceramic artist based in Petaluma, California. Do check her etsy store for more inspiration. I loved the combinations of earthen color with saturated colors, creating a perfect hue. Perfect for tea addicts like me :). 

As I continued exploring the gorgeous isle full of handmade pieces, my eye caught this beautiful and happy looking tea and saucer set and I just couldn't stop adoring its prettiness. 


Simple, modern and pretty dinnerware and homeware collection by Rossella, owner and designer at RossLabDesign. Every piece is so pretty yet functional that you would want to buy all at once :). Originally from Italy, Rosella is now based in San Jose where she creates magic with her clay. Check out her Etsy store for the latest collection or visit her website here.

And here's some more inspiration from the other booths :).

Would love to know your favorites! Check out the Renegade schedule for their upcoming exhibitions in your city!

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Tassels are one of those versatile pieces that can make any decor more playful. You see them everywhere these days - from scarves to throws, from cushions to poufs, from art to linen. One of the easiest add-ons to any space, they make the room more cheerful and add a global chicness to it. 

I have gathered my top picks on how to incorporate this fun element in various rooms at home. So sit back with your cup of tea and read on :).

For the living room: There are plenty of options to use tassels in your living room. A cushion or two, maybe a throw or simply a cute basket to hold both of these. I also love the tassel curtains but if you don't want to invest in new ones, you could just add a tasseled tie back to your current curtains! Voila!

For the bedroom: A cute pom pom duvet cover or the pom pom wall hanging are the perfect addition for some playfulness in the bedroom without changing much around.

1. Fringe duvet cover    2. Dreamcatcher

For the dining room: Make a statement on any dining table simply by adding an element of tassel to the linen. 

1. Table runner    2. Table napkin    3. Napkin ring

Easy, isn't it? Add tassel anywhere and set the mood for happiness :)

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Summer has started singing in my neck of the woods and I am loving the sun and clouds playing with each other. Nothing screams summer more than white and blue. And this summer, I am obsessed with the deepest color of blue - indigo! So today I wanted to share some of the beautiful indigo things that captured my eye.

                                                                                                           Living Room

Sofa    Cushion    


Aren't these pretty! Share your favorite indigo's, I would love to see them!

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Spring is the time when everything is new and refreshed. When all the colors are at their brightest. When the beautiful flowers and happy sunshine is all around. So why not give a fresh look to your home too? Here are some things I do for a quick spring makeover at home:

1.  Update the living room wardrobe

While fur, velvet and silk are must-have fabrics all year round, spring calls for some breezy and fun colored cottons and linens. From cushions to throws, update everything. Bring in bold patterns, play with pastels. Cushions and throws are the easiest way to start if you want to transform the look of the room. 

1. Pastel cushions    2. Blue cushions  3. Colorblock cushion    4. Floral cushion 

2. Embrace sheers and florals

The best way to bring in some natural light is to replace the heavy fabric curtains to lighter linen or cotton curtains. I like to add a touch of floral to welcome the spring. My mom uses this old school technique to transform the home from winter to spring decor. 

1. Floral curtain    2. Bold colored curatin

2. Refresh your bedding

Spring is the time when the big duvets can be replaced with lighter blankets. If you want to use duvets, switch to some fun prints. Opt for different duvet covers which are easy to update according to season.

1.Floral quilt    2. Pastel Duvet  3. Patterned bedding    4. Colored bedding

Stock up some of the lighter version of quilts for the warmth of a duvet but the feel of a blanket.

3. Use foliage

Get your outdoors in and enjoy some green therapy. Add plants at various heights for a visual effect. There are many plant options available for low light too, in case you don't get ample sunshine :).

4. Add new scents

Change your candles to fresh breezy scents. The containers can add a bright pop of color and the scent will leave the room refreshed. Choose from floral to citrus fragrances for this time of the year. I love stocking up some seasonal scents too during the sale season.

Would love to hear how you welcome the spring!

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Two of the most defining pieces of furniture in a living room are the sofa and the coffee table. And styling them chic certainly sets the tone for the rest of the room. While you cannot change the sofa often, the same coffee table can be styled in various ways.

So whether your coffee table is a thrift find or from an expensive store, styling it right is certainly worth your time. 

I love to constantly update the look of my coffee table. Whether its a change of season, change of month, or sometimes just a change of date :)), a fresh new look for the table is always welcome :).

I like to bring various elements on the table together. Depending on the size  of the table, you can play around with different looks. However, including some of these items will bring in a cohesive and seasoned look to the table.

Tray: An absolute foundation for a chic coffee table. A versatile piece, a tray will not only hold the little knick knacks but also the not so pretty TV remote. Choose from metallic to saturated, high gloss to wooden, the options are endless. Try out different shapes and sizes before deciding on one. 

1. Stacked Lacquer Trays   2. Printed Tray   3. Green Mirror Tray   4. Orange Hexagon Tray   5. Alligator Trays   6. Inlay Trays

Books: A perfect conversation starter. Nothing better than displaying books you love to go back to time and again. Opt for hardcover books which are heavy on pictures, no one would like to read small prints. You can stack a couple of books which cover various subjects. 

Something fresh: A freshly cut fern or a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers can instantly add a touch of joy. I tend to stay with one color palette but you can certainly play around with colors on the table.

1. My home   2. Blue Flowers  

Add Height: Add something vertical like hurricane vases or a nice candle stand. The light and sparkle makes everything festive :).

An interesting element: Add a small accent to complete the look.

Make sure not to overcrowd the tray. It needs to look effortlessly styled, and not crowded and cluttered.

I hope these tips inspire you to create your own stylish table. Tell me your tips, I would love to hear from you.

Happy decorating :)!

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There is a charm to the boutique stores here in San Francisco. I love to shop at places which have a beautiful story behind them; where you can directly speak to the mind behind the design. One such store is "The Mason Jar" on Union Street, San Francisco.

The Mason Jar was opened by fabulous husband-wife duo, Pete and Hope, in 2013. When Hope started getting inquires about the display pieces Pete had designed for her clothing  store, Marmalade, they started thinking of opening a home goods store. And thus, The Mason Jar came into being :). So glad it did!! Today, I am bringing you a tour of their gorgeous store. 

Pete is extremely talented and creative. Most of the furniture and accent pieces in the store are designed and handcrafted by him, like the one's below. WOW!!

Hope is the brain child behind all textiles in the store. She sources them from all over the world. Rich textures, pretty patterns and lovely combinations is what you will find in her store.

The cushion below are from the artisans in India and Turkey.

Bedspread from India

Gorgeous textured durries from Boliva.

The Mason Jar has a well curated collection of home decor pieces. From artisanal jewelry to luxury candles, each item in the store is hand picked by Hope.

Be sure to check this store next time you are in sunny San Francisco!!

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When it comes to decor, I love to play with colors and textures. I feel mixing elements can help you create your own individual style. The possibilities are endless. Mix old with new, pattern with texture, bright metals with earthy pieces and see the magic! There are no set rules in the world of decor. However, following some basic guidelines can help you create your perfect look especially if you are mixing different styles.

1. Visualize the room 

Before you begin, visualize the room you want to create. Think of all the things that will make you happy. Create a happy home instead of a perfect one. Your idea of a room will keep on evolving and that's okay. Enjoy the process of creating something uniquely your own.

2. Choose a neutral base

Colors have the power to set the mood of the room, to make a room look happy and joyful. But too many colors in a single place can be overwhelming too. So, to enjoy the different colors, choose a neutral background and then add a vibrant splash of color from your chosen palette. 

Studio Jonathan Adler, San Francisco

Altering cushions can also change the mood of the room.

Neutral doesn't have to be boring. Play with bold colors and then add pattern. You can also add an accent chair for a nice pop of color like this Fuchsia or the Emerald Green chair.

Or add textured chairs like the black and white armchair or printed kantha chair shown above.

3. Add texture and print

Every room needs a little pattern and texture to truly make it come alive. Once you have a chosen palette of colors, play with different textures and prints and create layers to get an evolved yet effortlessly chic look.

The easiest way to add layers to a room is to play with cushions in varying sizes and patterns. They can uplift any room instantly. 

Or add some extra seating with this kilim bench.

Another way to introduce texture in a room is with a rug! From traditional to contemporary, flat weave to woven , the choices are endless.

4. Modern meets traditional

Opposites attract! Modern pieces combined with traditional can add a lot of character to the room. You can also go heavy with one decor style and add one piece of the other style to achieve the look. Combine metallic with saturated hues. You'll be amazed how well they compliment each other.

5. Personalize it

Don't be afraid to experiment. Its your home, have things that speak to you, remind you of happy moments, the home is nothing but a reflection of you.

Tell me how you like to decorate, would love to hear :).

Have a colorful day!

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For our vacation in December, we went to the beautiful and colorful island of Puerto Rico. Apart from the amazing warm weather and the gorgeous beaches, one of the best things about visiting Puerto Rico is the beautiful neighborhood of Old San Juan. The beautiful blue cobblestones and colorful Spanish architecture makes for a very charming neighborhood. And oh the local artisanal shops! You know me by now... I can never resist shopping for local stuff :). 

The streets are packed with artisan shops and great restaurants. But the two shops that topped my charts and a must-see are:

1. Mi Pequeno San Juan

This beautiful shop has hands down the best Puerto Rico craft doors.

Right in the heart of old San Juan, a beautiful couple, Lady Lee Andrews and Nicolas Thomassin have been running this gorgeous shop for over 15 years. They make replicas of historical colonial building and the colorful houses San Juan is famous for! Lady Lee is also a well known poet in San Juan and has published numerous poetry books. 

She even gifted us one of her books, True Love :). 

Each door sculpture is made from scratch in the studio. Sketched, molded then painted and signed by the artist right here in their studio.

We got one for ourselves too :).

2.  Magia Arteacto 

Artist and owner, Manolo Diaz, has been collecting vintage and authentic Puerto Rican pieces and gives them a new quirky look with his imagination. His art is a beautiful compilation of his thoughts. Each piece is beautifully unique!

Be sure to check these places if you go to the colorful Puerto Rico :).

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